Fridays…are special

Naturally I have to share The Cure and Friday I’m In Love. This was really easy to pick although now I’m wondering how many happy Friday songs there are out there? Read on to find out why…

Friday evening is a sacred time for our family. Even if there is swimming at 0800 on Saturday morning, or The Engineer is travelling from some exotic (or not so exotic location). It’s movie night. It’s good food night. If you have a good imagination, it could even pass muster as date night. There could be a glass of wine for the grown ups. There may be some cola product for Mr. 12.

The probability of dessert is quite high. Usually ice cream. Alternatives could be an individual tiramisu or cheese platter. Main course is generally something a little bit special. Good steak with a simple sauce. Asparagus with home-made hollandaise. Time consuming, yet oh so good. Oven roasted vegetables with some balsamic based sauce. Salmon steaks gently pan-fried with caper-lemon sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about all this food.

We don’t make arrangements to go anywhere on Friday nights. We’ll do anything or go anywhere on any other night of the week. Just not on Friday. I try to leave work early. Lately it’s been quite late as Mr. 12 has training Friday afternoons. 

From work we hit the supermarket and from the supermarket we head to the  video store to browse for a nice movie to watch. Due to the large amounts of testosterone in our house chic-flicks are ‘once-in-a-blue-moon-I’m-on-my-own for-a-change’ event. From memory Bridesmaids was the last girlie movie I saw. Last week we saw Contagion (highly recommended) and as The Engineer is in another time zone I’m presuming that there’ll be action or comedy on the menu tonight.

As it’s now officially Friday night, I’m out of here! I hope you have a special Friday night too. See you on the other side…


10 thoughts on “Fridays…are special

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  1. Sounds like a great weekly ritual.
    Ours is to get home from work, and spend the night a little more leisurely than usual, to slow down a bit for the weekend.


    1. I have to admit that sometimes the early part of Friday night can feel a little rushed, by the end of the evening things are much more relaxed. Where WOULD we be without Fridays?!


  2. What great tradition! Someday, when Mr. 12 is really serious about something, he’s going to find it much easier after these Friday nights. Good for all of you! 😎


  3. love it. A great family thing to have – especially when everyone is so busy these days. Ours is Saturday night – usually the ~quote ‘super-awesome’ unquote~ homemade pizza and movie. And always a glass of wine.
    Enjoy, even though you are out early tomorrow (like I usually am on a Sunday! lol)


    1. Yeah for Pizza and movie night! Homemade pizza is good for the soul I’m sure … or at least the tastebuds 😉


  4. I wish we had that. We go camping so often at the weekend that it’s difficult to have a routine special night. Although, when we are at home “The Scientist” 🙂 makes a great pizza on Friday night and if we’ve been camping the local pizza shop does it for us on Sunday. Still it would be nice to have a sacred night for family time.


    1. I hear you Lyndel, during summer our Friday’s can get very casual, especially if we are on the boat. It’s still Friday though, so some parts remain: good cuts for the BBQ usually and a nice bottle of red. I’ll be sharing later in the year: something to look forward to!


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