WiFi failure breaks blogger’s posting streak

😜 until yesterday I was doing really well, posting daily and managing not to repeat myself. Then we head to the mökki. Hard to believe in Finland I know, however there are still corners of the country where connection isn’t always possible. Our mökki happens to be in one of those spots. Well actually it’s a bit dependent on how many other people are in the area and if there is some sport happening (or Eurovision 😝). Anyway last night when I went to post all I got was the WiFi connected, no internet access message… So today I have posted twice 🙄 not that WordPress cares. So now my posting streak resets.

In order to keep this streak on track I will have to either a) post earlier in the day whilst still in Helsinki or b) queue a few posts for these days, just in case 👍

In case you are wondering about the picture of the day ☝️we took the boat to the kesätori and I forgot Boa’s collar/leash combi. So a quick solution was required. Luckily there are plenty of ropes and hooks to spare on a boat 😔


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