Today I celebrated the new year by getting up at almost the same time as any other Wednesday and walked the dogs. Unfortunately some bright sparks had some leftover fireworks and were still shooting rockets at 0730. Needless to say both of the dogs are not firework fans and so my leisurely stroll become a panting panic to get back to the safety of home.

Later in the day we went planet hunting! There is a scale model of the solar system spread across Helsinki & Espoo 🙂

Snipped from Hesari

Today we found Pluto (quite tiny), Neptune (by the sea) and Uranus (in a pretty little gazebo!). We started late and the sun had already set by the time we found Uranus, so rest will just have to be hunted down later!

Hope your first day of the year was as restful as mine 🙂

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  1. The Year in Review, or the Day in Review?? My day was spent as one does in midsummer, picking fruit, mowing the lawns, and removing a lot of unwanted weeds. Also greeting visitors, a lady whose brother is my close friend, but I have not seen Annette for 50 odd years. She has lived most of her life in USA, but now is in NSW.. She and her partner came down to Tas to see her brother, who is not so well. Then, the new reality, stewing and bottling (freezing) the fruit for winter, a job that Sue used to do. Annette told me some nice stories about Sue which I had not heard before.


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