I've been busy on Twitter lately, which is why it's been quiet over here 🙄 My handle is @heatherdomeney and if you're not on Twitter I think you can view them at least via http://www.twitter.com/heatherdomeney. Alternatively there is a icon floating around that you can click on 🐤!

DIY Avocado 🥑 Plants Even though my thumbs are not green, this is a project that has fascinated me for a very long time. So tonight I saved the avocado pits, did some googling to remind me of the basic steps and ... Well let's see where we are after a week or so 😝... Continue Reading →

Another summer project: empty the huussi! It's not a terrible as you might think 😉 Further to my compost project, the huussi (Australian vernacular 'dunny', 'outhouse' or 'crapper', direct translation 'latrine', also 'drop toilet' or 'dry toilet' in some parts of the world.) is another of our inherited objects! Like the compost bin, there had... Continue Reading →

My summer project: fix the compost! An abandoned compost bin 😦 Since I was last regularly blogging, we've bought a mökki (Australian vernacular 'shack', direct translation 'cottage', also 'holiday home' in some parts of the world.) We inherited a few things including a compost bin that has taken on a life of it's own. I'm... Continue Reading →

Today I celebrated the new year by getting up at almost the same time as any other Wednesday and walked the dogs. Unfortunately some bright sparks had some leftover fireworks and were still shooting rockets at 0730. Needless to say both of the dogs are not firework fans and so my leisurely stroll become a... Continue Reading →

It's just not winter without snow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Even worse - it's above zero and so everything is muddy... dog walks mean showers afterwards (for everybody!). And there is a nice crowd gathering over at Travel With Intent 😉

Yes! Presidential election papers have arrived. Along with all the pre-polling places, dates and times.... Round one will be Sunday January 28th and if it's too close to call (like last time) then we'll go to round two on Sunday 11th February. All of the major parties are represented as well as a seasoned politician... Continue Reading →

The calendar tells me that tomorrow is Wednesday. My brain is telling me that tomorrow is Monday. Anybody else suffering from this calendar confusion?

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