Six Word Saturday: 16.5.2020 (#02)


Another summer project: empty the huussi!

It’s not a terrible as you might think 😉


Further to my compost project, the huussi (Australian vernacular ‘dunny’, ‘outhouse’ or ‘crapper’, direct translation ‘latrine’, also ‘drop toilet’ or ‘dry toilet’ in some parts of the world.) is another of our inherited objects! Like the compost bin, there had been no regular deposits for at least 6 months so it wasn’t full. I’ve been using it regularly and definitely an emptying session is in my near future. I just need to find a place to dig a hole that is deep enough that the dogs don’t find it 🙂

A more long term project will be a complete upgrade. As huussi’s go it is quite fine. However I have sat on a few that have a little bit more space and feel more “homey” 😉 The plan will probably entail more space with a wood-store to one side.

Any tips for huussi care?! How do you disguise the contents so that dogs don’t go digging where they shouldn’t?!

Six Word Saturday: 16.5.2020 (#01)


My summer project: fix the compost!

An abandoned compost bin 😦


Since I was last regularly blogging, we’ve bought a mökki (Australian vernacular ‘shack’, direct translation ‘cottage’, also ‘holiday home’ in some parts of the world.) We inherited a few things including a compost bin that has taken on a life of it’s own. I’m pretty sure that is either a raspberry cane or possibly even a blackcurrant bush poking out of the bottom bin.

Anyway, I have long wished for a compost bin. I am a little fanatical about recycling the bio-waste these days so I’m super excited about the possibilities this offers. However, I suspect that due to severe starvation over the past 6-12 months, I will need to start afresh.

Now what will I use the compost for? That’s easy, a parallel project will be to start some garden beds. There’ll be more on that later 😉

So, are you lucky enough to have a compost bin? What do you use the compost for? Any handy hints you can throw my way? All tips gratefully accepted 🙂

Under maintenance


New theme. Changes on-going. Stay tuned 😉

The year in review :/


Today I celebrated the new year by getting up at almost the same time as any other Wednesday and walked the dogs. Unfortunately some bright sparks had some leftover fireworks and were still shooting rockets at 0730. Needless to say both of the dogs are not firework fans and so my leisurely stroll become a panting panic to get back to the safety of home.

Later in the day we went planet hunting! There is a scale model of the solar system spread across Helsinki & Espoo 🙂

Snipped from Hesari

Today we found Pluto (quite tiny), Neptune (by the sea) and Uranus (in a pretty little gazebo!). We started late and the sun had already set by the time we found Uranus, so rest will just have to be hunted down later!

Hope your first day of the year was as restful as mine 🙂

Six Word Saturday (30.12.2017) #02


It’s just not winter without snow.


Even worse – it’s above zero and so everything is muddy… dog walks mean showers afterwards (for everybody!).

And there is a nice crowd gathering over at Travel With Intent 😉

Six Word Saturday (30.12.2017) #01


Yes! Presidential election papers have arrived.

Along with all the pre-polling places, dates and times….

Round one will be Sunday January 28th and if it’s too close to call (like last time) then we’ll go to round two on Sunday 11th February.

All of the major parties are represented as well as a seasoned politician who could well be the big upset on the day.

There will be more on this subject between now and the election 😎

On a personal note, this time the whole family get to vote – Mr. 18 gets to head to the polls for the first time!

Remember to visit Travel With Intent to see other six word Saturday musings 🙂

What day is it?


The calendar tells me that tomorrow is Wednesday.

My brain is telling me that tomorrow is Monday.

Anybody else suffering from this calendar confusion?

Our Lappish Interlude Pt 1


Here are a few numbers that summarise our Lapland holiday.

Kilometres driven:  2514
Kilometres skied: 60
Kilometres skied with dogs: 9
Number of sauna fires lit: 7
Meals eaten out: 5
Meals cooked in the cottage: 4
Cars spotted that had slid off the road into the snow: 4
Reindeer spotted: 3
Yellow cars: 1 (there must have been more, but only one was pointed out!)
Northern lights: Nil
Time & date departed: Friday 17th, 17:30
Time & date arrived: Sunday 26th, 17:30 (and that includes emptying the car!)

No wonder I’m tired 😉

Six Word Saturday: 25.2.2017


We have a well travelled dog!

Perry making himself comfortable on the bench / luggage rack 😏

Exciting times!


Very short post today – I have some research to do for my radio interview tomorrow!

Just after Christmas I had the opportunity to chat on local radio in Hobart – about me and how did I end up in Finland, what I’m doing now, little bits and pieces. It was live in the studio and over so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to breathe 😉 I heard afterwards from those listening in that it was quite okay…

As I was leaving, I thanked the producer and mentioned that I would be keen to do it again from Finland if she thought that was possible. Imagine my happiness to open my mail this morning and there was an invite to call in and chat about a new initiative that the Finnish government have introduced for the unemployed.

Now it’s all confirmed, the studio number is saved in my phone and I have to make sure I’m around in time to be on the air tomorrow 🙂