A little bit of Australia 


spotted in Lapland

Centre or center?


Shrove buns – jam or almond paste in the centre/center?!

That winter feeling ❄


My 2nd TBT ;)


Let’s step back in time to August 2013 (summer!) and a golden ladybird that decided to join us on the terrace for coffee…

A not so common sight...

A not so common sight…

Doggy day out!


This time we found a trail that Perry and Noa could come along too 👌



If you’ve been following my posts over the last couple of days, you may have realised we took a little road trip. Time for our annual Lapland holiday 🙂

We left Helsinki at 17:30 on Friday night, arriving in Oulu (not our final destination) at 01:30 on Saturday morning. At one point we had to stop due to a wide load:


Mysterious object being transported in the late hours of the night!

9 metres wide and there were two of them.

Apologies for the terrible quality. The trucks were moving quite snappily and it was dark out….

Now to find out just what was on the move!



Tuesday Tastes


Twenty of us gathered to do a spot of cooking…

A sneak peak…


… of a walk on water!

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was quite convinced that today we would be on the ice 🙂

We were – and a great time was had by all. Especially when we found this tasty morsel…

Look mum, no body!

Look mum, no body!

Tomorrow will come a proper gallery and all sorts of sunshine and bright white snow pictures 🙂 (and dog pictures, don’t forget the dog pictures!!!)

Clear skies!


Night photography is not something I’ve mastered yet, so please take my word for it when I say that we are enjoying cloudless skies night and day here.

Sunshine and snow make great partners and put a little zip into your step. For some this in an upside 🙂 others are not so excited. For me, I like it when the temperature drops to minus double digits, morning walks start to sound like excursions on top of polystyrene! The sea close to our home is starting to look safely frozen and good for walking on. I’ll put money on people skiing on the frozen sea tomorrow. While the ice fishermen have been out there for a while, I tend to wait until there have been many days of decent freezing weather before I venture out there. At least the dogs will have some decent free roaming time!

This week the temperature dropped once the cloud cover disappeared. From a balmy -2 (celsius) on Sunday to a brisk -13 (Celsius) tonight (Tuesday, February 7th at 21:15!). While it’s really nice for sledding and skiing, snowman construction at this temperature sucks – the snow is too powdery and no good. At least the natural skating rinks will stay in good shape while it’s so cold!

Instant ice rink - just add water

Instant ice rink – just add water

Night photography attempt # 1 (in a snow storm)

Night photography attempt # 1 (in a snow storm)


The colour purple


Found these in my local supermarket…