A new start? or Relaunch!

It’s been a while. One whole month give or take a day. Since my last contribution I’ve hopped, skipped and jumped from Helsinki to Hamburg to Bremerhaven to Ponta Delgado to find myself in New York with just enough time for lunch and then off to the airport, arriving in Helsinki in time to go straight to work.

I’m talking a leaf out of El Guapo’s book and adding a music link for each day. Hence the relaunch title. Today I have two songs in mind (lucky you!!!) – the first pertains to my long absence, silence and subsequent return to blogging and is none other than eminem’s Without Me with the extremely catchy ‘guess who’s back’ chorus line. The other musical contribution has been a favourite for longer than I’m able to remember: Goddess on a hiway by  Mercury Rev. This song springs to mind EVERY time I have to drive for any length of time… Today’s drive was close on 400 k’s round trip for a handover meeting. Long day, although the end result was well worth it. The music will hopefully shed some light on how my day (week) has been going…

By the way, I have approximately 10 pages of text to edit and upload from our trip. Not to mention a heap of un-catalogued pictures. THEN I have twenty pages of business plan to edit and upload into the Business Plan … and a couple of related blog entries for my other blog. There’ll be plenty of reading to come in the next few days..

While I contemplate my new countdown and being the boss, I’m also going to point you in the direction of my Pinterest page. Wow, that site is just wonderful. I’ve managed to add and rename a heap of boards and add lots of pins. So much fun! So addictive.

See you soon!