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... live in Finland, people incorrectly assume I might not speak English, or perhaps my comprehension is a little lacking. ... live in Finland, people incorrectly assume I might not speak Finnish, or perhaps my comprehension is a little lacking.

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Bloganuary prompted me this morning with this: What do you like most about your writing? and immediately my mind did a mental shoulder slump and mini eye-roll. Again I would have to dig below the surface. My second thought was that I could manipulate the prompt. Let's drop the word your and then the words... Continue Reading →

Again I've left it too late to write a proper post for Bloganuary... Once again you'll need to stay tuned!

It's late and I've got an early morning tomorrow so I'm going to cheat and say that I'll come back to this Bloganuary prompt. I have two specific people in mind, followed by a long list of general descriptions. Stay tuned.

How I wish I could … Bambi and I share a lot in common! ... skate. Not just any skating, ice skating! There are plenty of memes floating around the internet showing graceful skaters to one side and then the sad reality on the other side (fallen, falling, holding on for dear life to other people, the wall, etc etc).... Continue Reading →

A doll named Suzie My favourite doll had a song written about her 🥰 'Write about your favourite toy as a child' is the instruction for today's Bloganuary prompt. Her name (from me) was Suzy (Suzie!). Probably in honour of my mother, who's name was Suzanne. My mum never felt comfortable with her name, and later in life... Continue Reading →

Out of the comfort zone we step… This has aged well! My daily theme tune is about being in the comfort zone, now for Bloganuary I'm going to write about stepping out ... three examples coming up. Not necessarily in order of importance (discomfort?). Speaking Finnish Let me clarify: speaking Finnish on the phone. Face to face is not a problem... Continue Reading →

The long way (home) A timeless classic that never fails to evoke a tinge of melancholy. Today's Bloganaury challenge is to share a road trip I'd love to take. This is an easy one to write about, it's a trip I've taken many times before. In these testing COVID times though,, it's an unknown as to when I'll... Continue Reading →

Happy Sweet Sixteen!

A letter to ourselves. The earth has just completed yet another turn around the sun, and now it is 2022. Wow, where does the time go? Don't answer that 16 year old Heather, you'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy your birthday. It's a Saturday and you'll be heading to the market in... Continue Reading →

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