Whilst cleaning out my personal e-mail account this morning, I stumbled across a message imploring me to check out the new and improved “WordPress for Android”.

So I downloaded it and it’s already passed an unofficial test. I left a comment on a blog post earlier this morning and when Andy answered me, first came a little pling and then the WordPress logo was in my notifications area. 

Now apparently the photo / media posting is improved. Seeing as I wasn’t using the app earlier I’m not sure what will be better. 

Here goes!

Motonet spare parts guy

This happy guy is imploring me to buy jobs for Finland.

Certainly adding pictures seems to be easy enough… just not sure how to get the text under the picture easily.


Blogging ABOUT school # 01

So back in 2013, I was sitting in the classroom and wrote this post about blogging! Fast forward to 2017 and I was once again in a blogging workshop, although for a different course. This time, I thought I’d put my time to good use and update the blog that I started at the beginning of the course (back in September of last year) and post a few things.

One big adjustment was to invite myself to be an administrator for the school blog. I thought at the time I should set it up as a different user, then I found out that the WordPress app does not handle that – as in I couldn’t sign out as myself and sign in again as my other self! So now user Kanvera has rights to post on the school blog I’ve set up – https://hungryforhelsinki.wordpress.com/ and shortly will usurp the existing ‘owner’ of the blog so that all of my blogs will be under the one roof / user id!

There is an associated Facebook page as well (of course) which is also getting plenty of attention from me – I’ll be using that to ‘check in’ to places when the class out in the field.

I’ll just jump right over summer time and the whole moving the clocks forward bit. That comes every year at the same time (last weekend of March here in Finland / Europe) and so isn’t really an indication of summer.

Not like mopo-pojat (mopo boys).

As soon as the streets are clear of winter (gravel etc) and the temperatures have moved into plus (and not by much I might add), they are out. You rarely see / hear them in the mornings. No, this creature enjoys the long dusk hours and delights in riding up and down empty streets, doing the block and other seemingly pointless trips – on the back of a relatively powerless (but noisy) motorbike.

I heard my first specimen a few nights ago and tonight I was fortunate enough to follow them home.

Yes, indeed summer has arrived.

Here are a few numbers that summarise our Lapland holiday.

Kilometres driven:  2514
Kilometres skied: 60
Kilometres skied with dogs: 9
Number of sauna fires lit: 7
Meals eaten out: 5
Meals cooked in the cottage: 4
Cars spotted that had slid off the road into the snow: 4
Reindeer spotted: 3
Yellow cars: 1 (there must have been more, but only one was pointed out!)
Northern lights: Nil
Time & date departed: Friday 17th, 17:30
Time & date arrived: Sunday 26th, 17:30 (and that includes emptying the car!)

No wonder I’m tired 😉

Let’s step back in time to August 2013 (summer!) and a golden ladybird that decided to join us on the terrace for coffee…

A not so common sight...
A not so common sight…

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