With a title like that it could be all about bread or jelly … but no! it’s the sun we are talking about this week. Check out all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from around the world and then compare to my subdued offering from last week…

Sun Rise 0645 29.3.2018

It’s a race now between myself and the sun as to who rises first. It won’t be too far in the future when the sun will win that particular race. Fortunately I can sleep through the early early morning sunrises. Instead, it’s the birdsong that gets me, although eventually I learn to tune that out as well…

Sunrise is all about walking the dogs – they hate it when I stop to take pictures!

PS: This was the start of beautiful (and crisp) spring day ūüôā

The¬†things I am sharing today for this challenge are probably more at home over at Heather’s Helsinki¬†ūüôā as they shed a shining light on three¬†great locations for buying repurposed / recycled / upcycled items¬†in Helsinki. All three are very different in their approach¬†and pricing.

First up: Globe Hope

Pipo (beanie) & scarf
Pipo (beanie) & scarf

Every item you buy has the background story of the material and how it came to be used by Globe Hope. My pipo (beanie) and scarf set are military fabrics and rescued crocheted flowers (my bad I can’t remember the story in full :/). A favourite shop to browse – I love reading the stories of the products. Keep an eye out for their sales – but be quick, things sell out fast!

Next we have Kierrätyskeskus / Recycling Centre.

Plan B - always in trashion!
Plan B – always in trashion!

Run by City of Helisnki they have their very own fashion brand! PlanB. Not only can you buy second hand clothes at ridiculously cheap prices, they also make a line of very stylish (and flattering) clothes from donated fabrics. The workshops behind the Plan B are all about offering training to long term unemployed.

Finally: MadeBy Helsinki

'Mutsi' keytag
‘Mutsi’ keytag

Mutsi is Helsinki slang for mum (that’s me!), and the key-tag has been repurposed from an old spoon handle. MadeBy Helsinki is a cooperative of artists – a few of the artists specialise in repurposing while other’s are creating from scratch.

Whether it’s a person, a building or an abstract shape, show us something that exists harmoniously with its surroundings.

This is the brief for this week’s photo challenge Graceful.

Up close and personal

This is could be¬†cow parsley¬†or giant hogweed – either way it’s dead for winter and the flower heads collect the snow very nicely! Gracefully even….

A change of perspective

I think I’ve done all right here…

Paws for Noa
Paws for Noa

For my Names challenge posting I presented the dog tags and asked the question – which dog belongs to which tag?

Now is the big reveal – Noa has the paw print and Perry has the bone! I have spent the last two days trying to manipulate dogs and tags to be all facing the camera at the same time. This is the best I could come up with… ūüėČ

Noa & Perry / Perry & Noa
Noa & Perry / Perry & Noa

Two dogs.
Two leashes.
Two collars.
Two tags.
Two names.

PS: Can you guess which dog belongs to which tag?!

BTW: I’ve caught up on all the¬†weekly photo challenges for 2017¬†and from now on I’ll be only posting one photo challenge per week¬†ūüôā

It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to take part in one of these challenges. Here goes for the Vibrant theme:

Winter turns to spring
Winter turns to spring..

This time of year is fabulous, as the short dark winter days of November and December stretch into shiny spring days. Blue skies,¬†sparkling snow, elongated sunrises and brilliant sunsets add more than a little¬†zing into everyone’s day.

This is what you get for taking pictures in dark restaurants without the flash… Still it says warm candlelight to me…

Every ship voyage begins at check-in:

Check in ‘counter’ at Viking Line terminal Helsinki

My interpretation of Beginning for this weeks photographic challenge. Here we sit waiting for our turn to check-in. Destination Stockholm & Perry ūüėČ I actually took this photo for the tail-lights of the car in front. I like the way they climb up the body of the car.

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