Hello readers!

My very first post!

Earlier I was thinking to post a few posts privately, just to get the hang of this blogging business. Now, after Christmas party # 2 and plenty of good food and wine, I’m thinking along the lines of Nike. You know. JUST DO IT!

So, if you are able to read this later in the day, you’ll know my hesitancy was blown out of the water so to speak.

It’s December 8th, 2011 and we are in the middle of the Christmas party season. From now until the 24th, it is for many people, a never-ending round of party,ย  work, party, work, party, work, and maybe some sleep thrown in! The most famous and feared of all is the WORK christmas party. It’s a bit like Vegas, what happens at pikkujoulu* stays at pikkujoulu. If you’re unlucky your employer will only settle for dinner and drinks somewhere, while luckier ones might get treated to a show, comedian, magician or if you are really lucky… you’ll get a cruise to a foreign country. To anyone who live outside the Baltic, that sounds extremely exotic. Those of us that live here know that the truth translates to a cruise to either Tallinn in Estonia, or Stockholm Sweden. Pretty routine really.


* Pikkujoulu quite literally translates to ‘little christmas’. There is generally not very much ‘little’ about it, and often the consequences of consuming large amounts of alcohol lead to some embarrassing moments. Hence the habit of holding work Christmas parties on Friday nights to allow the concerned parties some time to recover before facing their work colleagues again.