My hairdresser (s) and I

Today I present Chisu and Baden Baden. Extremely catching song! I was sitting in Ts chair today, a helpless victim under a black shroud listening to this waft over me and started to think about all the people who have 'done' my hair over the years... Mum is the first, responsible for not just those... Continue Reading →

Sunday lunch by the sea

The Engineer and I, along with our hosts K & M, enjoyed a lovely lunch of freshly caught* and smoked siika and sparkling white wine yesterday. We joined our hosts at their mökki by the beach, and watched M get the smoker going. In the meantime The Engineer took up the axe and chipped a... Continue Reading →

My little luxuries # 1

Everyone deserves a little luxury and Vanity Fair is mine. This arrived in the mail today and now my evening will go something like this: dinner, dishes, washing to the machine, me to bed and reading VF cover to cover. Actually I start at the back cover and work my way through the articles back... Continue Reading →

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