Thought for the day

Does the anti-vax movement extend to pets? Is that a thing? Both Perry & Noa had their vaccinations updated today. Rabies and Kennel cough for Perry,  while Noa got the Kennel cough jab. While we were waiting to be weighed I started to ponder how far pet owners would go (or not as the case... Continue Reading →

Well hello 2018 & hello snow (again!)

We awoke to this! The last hours of 2017 were not typical celebrations in this house. Some idiot let off fireworks early* on Saturday night and spooked poor Noa (and me a little, if truth be told). As the night wore he retreated to a cool dark corner. Perry joined him just before midnight also.... Continue Reading →

It's just not winter without snow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Even worse - it's above zero and so everything is muddy... dog walks mean showers afterwards (for everybody!). And there is a nice crowd gathering over at Travel With Intent ๐Ÿ˜‰

Being a beta tester …

WordPress (& Android) just invited me to beta-test the new app. So here I am... although what I'm going to post about is still a mystery... I could talk about selling the old house, buying a new place and the whole moving experience. ๐Ÿšš I could talk about the joys of family - near and... Continue Reading →

We have a well travelled dog! Perry making himself comfortable on the bench / luggage rack ๐Ÿ˜

I'm told it was the bear. My worst fear - the bear went feral and attacked the dog... organ transplant has so far been unsuccessful and the dog hangs on by a thread...

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