I've left the dark side. Well, not really - it just feels that after having had a Nokia for so long (fabulous phone, just a shame the developers stopped making apps for them) and transitioning to an Android device it really is like seeing the light. I will admit to some mumbling on the sofa last... Continue Reading →

Weird phone calls

Back in the day, when I was working for the man, one of my many tasks was answering the office phone. Every now and again I'd take a call, that was well, in a nutshell odd. Common elements included the call originating from either a blocked number or somewhere outside of Finland, a young female caller, and a propensity to disconnect the... Continue Reading →

I seem to have relocated the motivation for posting. Stay tuned for more random posts about my daily life in Finland...

Counting the days!

Over the past couple of years, The Engineer and I have made an effort to eat out at least every second month. Small, cosy restaurants that are doing interesting things with food (and local food to boot) and wines that you can't find at Alko. Even when we are travelling within Finland, if there is... Continue Reading →

Chance encounters emphasize old friends importance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Engineer and I were enjoying a late lunch today when two friends that I haven't seen or spoken to in ages arrived in the same restaurant. It reminded me that over the last 12 months I've been remiss at taking care of friendships, both new and old.... Continue Reading →

It's been a while since I've been inspired to take part in one of these challenges. Here goes for the Vibrant theme: This time of year is fabulous, as the short dark winter days of November and December stretch into shiny spring days. Blue skies, sparkling snow, elongated sunrises and brilliant sunsets add more than a... Continue Reading →

Apologies in advance. For the weird posts. Yesterday I spent a few hours scrolling through all the available themes that use all the different posting formats (aside, audio, gallery, image, link, standard, status, quote and video). Turns out that the theme I am using is just right. I just need to tweek it a little bit.... Continue Reading →

My house, my rules

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