TBT: 10.6.2021

(Birthday surprise ☝)

This week we go back to 1999, actually June 10th 1999. Once more we are venturing to the opposite side of the world.

Technically this story begins on June 9th as that was went I went into labour. The story ends in the wee hours of the morning, 4.03 from memory when Mr. 22 arrived 😉

I won’t be sharing any pictures of him, even though he’s an adult. (For the most part, I share dogs, food and random stuff…)

I can tell you that he’s a caring, sharing, young man with a great sense of his own style.

I can tell you that he has a maturity that led him to move to a new city, not once but twice in the last 12 months. The first move was for study, and second more recent move is for the adventure of a summer job. By all accounts, he’s having a great time and if all staff meals are anything like the picture he shared earlier in the week, he won’t go hungry over the summer 😆

I can tell you that he’s extremely capable on the domestic front and very very handy in the kitchen.

I can tell you that he’s at least 20 cm taller than me, so now he has to wait for me to catch up when we walk together 🤣

I can tell you that he has great taste in music 🎵 even if he sometimes expresses an odd desire to revisit the 80’s

So many more things to tell, just not today 🥰

I've said my bit! Now it's your turn :) Go on, have your say.

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