Signs of spring in Finland #01

(Smart) Cows running down the race towards the greenery 🙂

The annual ‘running of the cows’! Happy Cows are a sight to behold. Sadly I can’t share the lovely earthy smell that accompanies these ladies as they head for the fields.

Fun fact: the cows are part of Helsinki University and the campus (fields and all) is inside Helsinki city limits. The Viikki campus is actually the geographical centre of Helsinki! This next clip is a little longer and discusses happy cows.

Peter Krawczel speaking on animal (cows 🐄) welfare

Pre-Covid this was a spectator event with families coming from all around to watch the cows kick up their heels and hit the grass!

Featured image is a screengrab from the first clip.

PS: I ❤ 🐮 and another fun fact: I had a poddy calf to look after when I was younger and living in Flowerpot 🥰

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