Monday muttering

On cyclists. In particular cyclists who use the road (not the bike path) and refuse to follow the road rules.

Like sailing through red lights.

Like ignoring stop & give-way (yield) signs.

Like overtaking cars driving on the limit and thus are speeding.

I really want to know where (or how) we can start having a constructive conversation about this.

Before you jump on me for having a go at cyclists, don’t worry there will be a Monday muttering coming about motorists as well.

2 thoughts on “Monday muttering

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  1. There are some crap cyclists out there who do all those things you mentioned and give the rest of us who don’t a bad name. There are some really shitty car drivers who hate cyclists and seem determined to terrify us off the roads, giving the rest of the motorists a bad name. There are also pedestrians who do some incredibly stupid things.

    It would be good if we could have that conversation, and if people could be a little bit more respectful of other people on the roads, no matter what form of transport they are using.

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    1. Yes to all of this! I’m not sure what is the hardest part to get my head around: the lack of respect or the immense sense of entitlement that has crept into the the discussion.


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