Another summer project: empty the huussi!

It’s not a terrible as you might think 😉


Further to my compost project, the huussi (Australian vernacular ‘dunny’, ‘outhouse’ or ‘crapper’, direct translation ‘latrine’, also ‘drop toilet’ or ‘dry toilet’ in some parts of the world.) is another of our inherited objects! Like the compost bin, there had been no regular deposits for at least 6 months so it wasn’t full. I’ve been using it regularly and definitely an emptying session is in my near future. I just need to find a place to dig a hole that is deep enough that the dogs don’t find it 🙂

A more long term project will be a complete upgrade. As huussi’s go it is quite fine. However I have sat on a few that have a little bit more space and feel more “homey” 😉 The plan will probably entail more space with a wood-store to one side.

Any tips for huussi care?! How do you disguise the contents so that dogs don’t go digging where they shouldn’t?!


2 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: 16.5.2020 (#02)

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  1. We just upgraded ours. Nice composting one now, with a lot of space inside (actually a bit too big!) & handwashing inside! Also painted inside a traditional blue that supposedly keeps the flies away!
    Our dog has no interest in the contents when emptied. But if she did I would imagine the result of the composting toilet would be even less interesting!
    Good luck!


  2. Make friends with a neighbor who owns a backhoe. Suburban/rural…should be someone self-employed with a digger. BTW, as a kid, summers at my grandparents included all the pleasures of a 2-holer.


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