An explanation.

So according to my archives, there was a grand total of 1 (yes one) post for the whole of 2019. Hmm. That’s quite pathetic 😉

It wasn’t that 2019 was an uneventful year, on the contrary it was action-packed with plenty of happy, sad, exciting (and boring) happenings.

Inspiration seemed to pass me by last year :/

I started this way back in 2011 (seems an eternity ago now) and have managed a paltry 263 posts (well 264 including this one). I have lost count of the number of themes I’ve taken into use, only to discard them some time later… some of the themes lasted a mere 24 hours. In fact, over the last day I have managed to adopt and then discard two new themes before settling on the current one (Twenty Eleven if you are interested). This time however I am taking the time to learn the theme properly, so the page / blog might be a bit on the wobbly side for a few days while I iron out the kinks. WordPress have also added in a new editor that needs some getting used to 😉

Obviously my relationship with the blog is not the same as it was back in 2011. I certainly need to improve my photography skills. The other area that needs work is determining the subject matter, tone and frequency of posts. Not just here but also on the accompanying Facebook page. Twitter / Instagram are a little separate because I like to use them a little more impulsively than the blog 😀

Working for myself I sometimes feel like I a lack a certain sense of discipline or urgency, especially if it isn’t work related. So getting my routines back on track is also important.

No better time or place to get started than here and now!

How do you reboot? Where do you find your inspiration?

Featured image: Coffee cup from the restaurant Rikhard von Trappe by Hans Välimäki. There’ll be more about Hans in the future – especially his Ramen soup recipe!





8 thoughts on “An explanation.

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  1. I can’t offer any help on how you might reboot, Sources of inspiration often just pop up, obviously unexpectedly.Meanwhile, some thinking over a drink of Brazil’s best might yield some thoughts or direction, you could call it coffee contemplation. And what the cup sits on might be a saucer inspiration too 😦 Ted

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  2. I reinvigorated mine by doing 19 for 2019 last year and 20 for 2020 this year. It’s held me a bit accountable, knowing I want to post at least once a week on how I’m making progress on my list. (I also started mine in 2011… when I did a post a day everyday for a year. I struggled keeping up with it after that was over so I’m glad to thave found something that works for me now!)

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    1. I’ve got themes for different days of the week, and now I’ve given myself permission that it’s okay not to post if inspiration doesn’t strike. I like your 20 for 2020 list. It also reminds me that I should head back into the blogosphere and see what other people are up to 😉


  3. I’ve been blogging for seven years now, maybe my itch is coming!
    A lot of the popular ones seem to specialise, but I post about anything. Even if just short ones, or maybe a photograph, I like to keep it regular.

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