Very short post today – I have some research to do for my radio interview tomorrow!

Just after Christmas I had the opportunity to chat on local radio in Hobart – about me and how did I end up in Finland, what I’m doing now, little bits and pieces. It was live in the studio and over so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to breathe 😉 I heard afterwards from those listening in that it was quite okay…

As I was leaving, I thanked the producer and mentioned that I would be keen to do it again from Finland if she thought that was possible. Imagine my happiness to open my mail this morning and there was an invite to call in and chat about a new initiative that the Finnish government have introduced for the unemployed.

Now it’s all confirmed, the studio number is saved in my phone and I have to make sure I’m around in time to be on the air tomorrow 🙂


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  1. Grumble grumble- now I have to wake up extra early to listen. 😦 Or will the interview send me back to sleep. LOL :-). Actually, looking forward to hearing it, and in fact learning more about this somewhat unique Finnish “experiment”?


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