It started with dance practice before Christmas. Built up to a tuxedo fitting in the new year, followed by an invite from the school. The final touches were a new pair of dress shoes, collecting the suit and coordinating proud parents to be at the dance hall at the right time.

Presenting wanhojentanssit! Mr. 17 is now a ‘senior’ even though his school year still has a few more months to go.

10 dances and a few speeches – it was all over very quickly! I will admit to feeling a little weepy as they all entered the hall. The girls all looked beautiful, the boys all looked handsome and they looked like they were having fun as they danced! Because the school space is not big enough, they have to dance in another school and even then had to split the class into two dances.

The class of 15
The class of 15 – well half of them!

There was a hakutanssi – where the students get to pull a parent or family member to the floor and so lucky me got to dance with my extremely tall son!

Then it was all over far too soon, although there will be a repeat tomorrow when Mr. 17’s school joins a few others for a giant dance. Stay tuned for pictures from the ice rink 😉

Fun times!
Fun times!

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