Monday mutterings # 04

More specifically – diet labels. I lost a bet whilst we were on holidays and the price I paid was cooking a week of vegan dinners.

I’ve managed to surprise myself and am now embracing eating less meat. My recipe bank is filling with new recipes – it’s so much more fun than following the same old recipes and just substituting the meat away. Summer will be more challenging I think, as we grill (meat) quite often. Maybe I can call myself a ‘winter vegan’. If you think such a thing could not exist, read on!

I was sitting in the hairdressers this afternoon flicking through one of January’s magazines when I came across an interesting article. Actually article is quite generous, it was more like a side bar. In it were listed three types of alternative vegans. Now, I didn’t realise that this was something you could turn on and off – apparently you can!

1st up – the home grown vegan. This version eats a vegan diet only at home and then resorts to eating meat / dairy etc. when out of the house. What’s the point? It doesn’t encourage the restaurant trade to cater to vegans and encourages the individual not to eat at home. Pass.

Milk alternative vegan is the next one – this is just swapping the milk in your coffee and cereal for a plant based alternative. Now I drink my coffee black, so that’s a fail right there, and I mix my breakfasts up – yoghurt and muesli one day, porridge another and then maybe toast. My impact on the dairy industry will be quite limited there.

The final alternative put forward is as ludicrous as the earlier options. You can be the 6 o’clock vegan! Six pm becomes a line in the sand. It’s either the time when you revert to a normal diet or you can only eat vegan after this time.

Why can’t people just eat in moderation (except for bacon, because you know – bacon. Or peanut butter or chocolate or oops… Side-tracked) and forget about the blinking labels.

Now that I am a winter vegan (i.e. only in winter time) here is the latest dinner: Vietnamese noodle soup (quite yummy and spicy it was).

Vietnamese Noodle Soup
Vietnamese Noodle Soup



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