My idea at the beginning of the year was to throw myself into the blogosphere and start posting daily. According to my stats, I missed a few days during week two, but since then I’ve managed to stay the course and even catch up a little. I believe I’m only 3 posts short of being equal to daily posting.

I have some lovely quality posts planned – you’ll just have to wait for them. We’ve got a busy week coming up. The Engineer is off again. Mr. 17 has his high school dance. Luckily the tux has been sorted, although I’m a bit worried about the shoes – we still have to get a nice pair of dress shoes. Anoppi and I are headed to a cooking course (she is stepping in to take The Engineer’s spot) on ystävänpäivä (friends day NOT Valentines day!) and to top it all off the annual Lapland trip is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Well the first 6 hours of driving…

So excuse the lack of decent posting during the week – I’ll try and get some pictures and links if nothing else.

The featured image is a Christmas decoration from Christmases past – it’s a gorgeous red! Sorry to skip the daily theme tune, I couldn’t find a tune that accurately reflects the minor panic that I’m feeling right now…

I've said my bit! Now it's your turn :) Go on, have your say.

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