For my Names challenge posting I presented the dog tags and asked the question - which dog belongs to which tag? Now is the big reveal - Noa has the paw print and Perry has the bone! I have spent the last two days trying to manipulate dogs and tags to be all facing the... Continue Reading →

Two dogs. Two leashes. Two collars. Two tags. Two names. PS: Can you guess which dog belongs to which tag?! BTW: I've caught up on all the weekly photo challenges for 2017 and from now on I'll be only posting one photo challenge per week 🙂

Long long ago in a blogosphere far far away there was a trophy case. The idea was to collect all the WordPress achievements in one place - starting from the very first post and gathering steam from thereon. From everything that I've read, the trophy case was a virtual tracker of blogging milestones. The more... Continue Reading →

A new (hopefully) regular posting on food - it might be what we're eating, or things we're not eating anymore or anything else food related that takes my fancy. As a parent I believe one of the most important roles we have is to ensure our children have the tools they need to face the world.... Continue Reading →

It's only taken me 5 years and a couple of months to post ... 200 blog posts. The world's greatest blogger I am not - and with this post now I have posted more in 16 days than I did for the whole of 2016. I'm not sure if this warrants tears or laughter (or both!). So... Continue Reading →

Monday mutterings 02/2017

or 'stop cutting in! I left that gap for a reason!' Upon our return from holiday, the dogs needed to be collected from their holiday home. This entailed a 3.5 hour drive one way and then because road conditions deteriorated so much, the return journey home stretched to 4.5 hours. The main freeway that connects Helsinki... Continue Reading →

I made a bet that I was sure I was going to win. Namely that The Engineer would not utter anything in Thai whilst we were in Thailand. Mr. 17 bet against me. At stake - our dinner options for a week. I figured I was safe, and we would eat normally - a bit of... Continue Reading →

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