An offer many want to refuse!
An offer many want to refuse!

This little gem of an ad appeared in my Facebook feed this morning. Not quite sure why I’m now being targeted as a possible green card applicant…

Ready to make the move and build a new life in the US?

Well no, not really. I’m quite happy living in Finland. I’d be more than happy to visit: I know I’ve only seen a fraction of the states and there are a virtual friends that I’d like to meet in real life ❤ *

Back to the Facebook ad: judging by the comments it is appearing in Northern Europe this week. There are plenty from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden all saying ‘NO THANKS’ along with a few reasons why (no Twitter-in-chief, free education, no wall, free medical etc.). Add to the mix a few trolls who have added spice to the conversation.

At least two commenters wondered about the sensibility of running that ad right now, in light of the executive order signed last week ** .

I presume that somewhere along the way, my profile and their advertising algorithm have collided. I just went back to see if it is still there and all that popped up is Transferwise – asking me if I’d like to send money to Australia?! I think that’s a topic for another misdirected post 😀

* There are many virtual friends in all corners of the globe I’d like to catch up with… time and money are two major obstacles at this point in time…
** In case you missed the news, Twitter-in-chief signed off on an order that was targeting immigration, actions included barring the entry of refugees for 90 days and temporary hold on Iranians, Iraqis, Libyans, Somalians, Sudanese, Syrians and Yemenites). Never mind that refugees have to go through a 2 year vetting process before they can even think about travelling to the USA. Never mind that refugees from these nations have never been linked with terrorist actions on USA soil. According to CNN (beware the Fake News or Alternative Facts 😉 ) prior to 1980 when the Refugee Act was introduced, the only refugees that undertook terrorist acts resulting in deaths were from Cuba, in the 1970’s. I tried to get exact dates – seems there were two occasions and three resulting deaths. For lots of facts, figures and general light shedding check out the Cato Institute report here.

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