Long long ago in a blogosphere far far away there was a trophy case.

The idea was to collect all the WordPress achievements in one place – starting from the very first post and gathering steam from thereon. From everything that I’ve read, the trophy case was a virtual tracker of blogging milestones. The more blog posts, the more likes, the more follows etc. meant that the trophy case would grow.

Sadly the WordPress trophy case seems to haveΒ gone the way of the dodo. However the trophies keep coming. Happily my most recent achievement (on top of 200 posts) is… drum roll… 200 followers – well actually 201. WordPress wait until you go over the 200 and then award you πŸ™‚ Thank you each and everyone of you for sticking around – it’s an honour to share my bits with you (you know what I mean!).


The other trophy that I didn’t share earlier – mainly because I hadn’t logged on during the latter months of 2016 was my 5 year anniversary badge. So as I am in a ‘look at me, I’m so good’ frame of mind I’ll share that one also πŸ˜‰

Happy 5th Anniversary
Happy 5th Anniversary

Here’s to another 200+ followers and another 5 years – who knows where we’ll be by then!


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