I made a bet that I was sure I was going to win. Namely that The Engineer would not utter anything in Thai whilst we were in Thailand. Mr. 17 bet against me. At stake – our dinner options for a week. I figured I was safe, and we would eat normally – a bit of meat, fish, pasta, vegetarian, pasta etc. I try to keep it mixed up, although I know we could eat more fish than we do.

I was on the home stretch – quite literally. Walking down the jet way about to board our flight back to Helsinki and out of his mouth pops… Sawadee Kap (hello). Mr. 17 started beaming and I was standing there gobsmacked – I mean he never ever says anything in any other language than those he is fluent in (at least 4…) but anyway I digress. The deal was one week of vegan dinners.

The Engineer has missed out on the very nice week we’ve had. I’ve discovered that the (trendy) alternative proteins on the market (Härkis – bean products and Nyhtökaura – pulled oats) sell out really quickly and tofu has come a really long way – cold smoked tofu anyone?


I did get a bit disappointed when I went online and at one of my favourite ‘recipe banks’ requested vegaani (Finnish for vegan) dishes. The first one I opened was for vegetable crepes. The ingredients included… eggs.


The good news though, the vegan options are here to stay.


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