I’ve left the dark side.

Well, not really – it just feels that after having had a Nokia for so long (fabulous phone, just a shame the developers stopped making apps for them) and transitioning to an Android device it really is like seeing the light.

I will admit to some mumbling on the sofa last night while I was trying to set the blinking thing up, and then of course trying to remember the myriad of passwords for all of these apps. The joy of fingerprinting will stay with me for quite sometime. Not just 1 print! both thumbs AND index fingers can be used – who knew 😉


3 thoughts on “Life after a Windows phone…

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  1. Just had a very frustrating time with a new phone. Three calls to the technical department, followed by a visit to the manufacturer’s store, followed by another call to the technical department, and I am finally, ten days after setting it up, ready for calls. Who can I block first?! 🙂


  2. You’re brave – I’ve had an iPhone for so many years now the thought of figuring out a new system fills me with terror!


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