Weird phone calls

Back in the day, when I was working for the man, one of my many tasks was answering the office phone. Every now and again I’d take a call, that was well, in a nutshell odd. Common elements included the call originating from either a blocked number or somewhere outside of Finland, a young female caller, and a propensity to disconnect the call immediately when they couldn’t reach the desired party easily.

Occasionally they would call my home number looking for The Engineer. No matter what I said, the calls always ended the same way. Beep, beep, beep…

Now it’s my turn 🙂 The call came yesterday afternoon and went like this:
Phone ringing: [Caller ID – UK number]
[Heather]: Hello, this is Heather.
[Caller ID: UK number]: May I speak to Ms / Mrs Heather Domeney? (Now, even though she was young, and definitely not from the UK judging by her accent, I am quite positive she referred to me as a Ms or a Mrs).
[Heather]: This is her, I am Heather.
[Caller ID: UK number]: Oh, you’re a woman.
[Heather]: (Highly amused) Yes, I’m a woman.
[Caller ID: UK number]: Beep, beep, beep….

So, dear reader should I have denied my gender to find out why my mystery caller had picked my number? How far would the conversation have gone? I suspect that even if I’d passed the first hurdle, something would have tripped me up sooner or later…

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