Counting the days!

Over the past couple of years, The Engineer and I have made an effort to eat out at least every second month. Small, cosy restaurants that are doing interesting things with food (and local food to boot) and wines that you can’t find at Alko. Even when we are travelling within Finland, if there is a restaurant that takes our fancy, we’ll book a table and see how we go. Because we’ve done a lot of domestic travel, our list of restaurants to go back to keeps growing 🙂 From Sica Pelle in Porvoo to  Musta Lammas in Kuopio and plenty more!

Back in early spring, Finnjävel * opened – celebrating Finnish food, Finnish methods and Finnish design. It’s taken us this long to get a booking… changing travel plans by The Engineer put paid to our last reservation. To say I am excited about this is an understatement. I’m even tempted to put up a little countdown clock…

In two weeks time I’ll be able to come back and tell you all about it! I might even take pictures :/ (Although I’ve shied away from doing that lately, it’s much nicer to enjoy the food and surroundings without stressing about whether I took a picture or not.) In the meantime, I think I’ll concentrate on my own Finnish food for midsummer.

Dessert from another of our favourites, Chef & Sommelier:

Raw chocolate & raspberries.
Raw chocolate & raspberries (& beautiful plates).


*Finnjävel or Finnish devil refers to the name bestoyed on Finnish immigrants to Sweden in the 1950’s & 1960’s.


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