Another layer exposed.

I LOVE Instagram!!! There, I said it. I’m not ashamed to admit it. If you follow me on Twitter or FourSquare no doubt you’ve seen some of my posts there.

When I recently returned to the mothership that is Nokia it was the only app that wasn’t available. I could have taken the route that Mr. 14 took at the same time and continue posting via WiFi. Except that meant either lugging both phones around or moving photos from one to another. That’s far too much work. So I waited, and as they say all “good things come to those who wait”. Late last year Instagram became available for Lumia / Windows and immediately I downloaded the app!

I decided that it would be nice to have a theme. If you look at the early pictures there are all sorts of things – food, dogs, boats and with all sorts of different filters. Currently I’m focusing on lights, and one particular filter X-Pro II. When I look at it on the phone, they look fine – now on the big screen I’m not so sure 😉

Back to the Zero to Hero challenge, and a post that includes a new element. Today you get two for the price of one! I’ve added the Instagram follow button, if all goes to plan it will be at the top of the right hand side widget column! For my embedded contribution, I’ve gone back to my very first ‘testing’ shot. From memory I went to the back yard and found a plant that had been planted by my neighbour:

Feel free to check out my other offerings 🙂


6 thoughts on “Another layer exposed.

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    1. Warning! Can be addictive…

      Make sure you share so we can follow you back – Mr. 14 tells me it’s all about the following – I actually thought it was all about the pictures…


    1. I have to admit I’m very on and off when it comes to Instagram. I have been very busy lately with other stuff, and the photos seem to be the best way to make a post.


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