Weekly Photo Challenge: One

For challenge this week, I’m sharing this hang glider, spotted high above the Pacific Ocean.

We were heading south out of Sydney and decided to take the scenic route… Grand Pacific Drive, which really is grand! A small part of the highway actually is built over the ocean 🙂

If you’re travelling south out of Sydney, I highly recommend the Grand Pacific Drive and pull in at Bald Hill. There was even an ice-cream van with the usual suspects (hot-dogs, ice-creams etc). Mr. 14 was very impressed with his hot-dog.

The spot is very popular with motorists of all varieties. One side of the car park was filled with motorbikes of all shapes, sizes, colours and speeds while the other side had a wide assortment of campers, cars, utes and vans.

Be warned though, hang-gliding is what it’s all about here. Don’t stand on the lawn too long or an impatient pilot will be yelling at you to clear the way. Yes, it happened to me!

Note: This Taswegian is in Australia for some Christmas / New Year cheer. We left a very grey Helsinki (still no snow…) and arrived to one of the hottest days this summer…

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

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  1. Great pic … and enjoy the temperature differential between Australia and Helsinki. Hope you had a good holiday and enjoy your New Years’ celebration.


    1. Thankyou Frank! Seaons greetings and warm New Years wishes to you and yours.

      Funnily, the temperature differential hasn’t been to hard to take. The greatest problem so far is dealing with those pesky time differences 😉


        1. How can we forget?! My carry-on bag is almost full with just my winter coat, gloves and scarf 🙂 All set for layering up on arrival…


    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting mightwar.

      It’s a really great drive, we often jump off the beaten track and take the scenic route – so much more fun, and you NEVER know what you might catch a glimpse of.


  2. H., I far prefer the idea of HANG gliding, to DROP gliding. Sorry,, sad dad joke. Looks good..


    1. Thank you for those lovely encouraging words! I looked at this shot for so long before I posted, that I sort of lost focus on whether it was a fit or not. Yes, it was a truly great day for flying. It’s a tempting idea… 🙂


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