Weekly Photo Challenge: From above

Winter's last gasp

Winter’s last gasp

Perry loves the snow! His first winter has been like an amusement park for snow lovers: snow just everywhere you look! So good for running in and jumping through; wonderful to eat although not so nutritious šŸ˜‰ ; fun if not frustrating to catch; and of course – rolling in it! His first action walking out the door each morning (after the obligatory ablutions) would be a roll in the snow.

He’d put his head to the ground sideways and then push himself forward and down until his whole body was on the snow. Then would follow a twist’n’shake, left and right, with appropriate sound effects of course! When his urges were satisfied, he’d roll to the left and lurch up, shaking the excess snow away. Those first few seconds up he’s always a little wobbly on his feet.

Spring has arrived in our corner of the woods, and although the leaves are still to come out, all those metres of snow have rapidly melted away. This meant that we had to walk further along our route to find a good snow pile. Sometimes of course, Perry would just roll on the footpath or the nearest bare ground.

This pile has been shrinking over the last week, and while normally I mix up our morning walks, we’ve been visiting this same pile on a daily basis so he can enjoy these last moments! Last Saturday was the last time we were able to roll in the snow, Sunday morning it was raining and the pile had vanished. There wasn’t much left anyway!

Happiness is a roll in the snow!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From above

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    • Yes! He’s discovered that a warm pavement is just as satisfying as is the rough mat just inside the front door. Happiness is a dog that can roll šŸ™‚


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