Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood


Balcony view at sunset. The ‘smoke’ on the horizon is actually steam from one of the city heating plants that keeps our apartmemt (and the rest of the city) warm in winter.


Once the snow goes this will be a nice place to sit 🙂


View from our front door. The frozen sea is very safe for walking on now, a couple more weeks though and I’ll be staying on dry land! Strange clouds and odd light that morning…


A seasonal hazard.


The area we live in is a rehabilitated site, comprising mostly apartment buildings. One parking solution is to go underground…


Sunrise and an impatient Perry…


The view back to our building from the ice. Sunday walks on days like this are the best! Skiers, fishermen and plenty of dogs enjoying freedom from the leash…


Perry’s view!


The sky looked like it was on fire….


Chilly morning!

All shots taken with my iPhone 4. No tweeking or other programs used (this time!). These were taken whilst walking with Perry (morning, noon and night) for this Phoneography challenge!

I’ll have to take these shots again when summer is here 🙂


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood

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    1. It’s a lovely neighbourhood! I believe it’s been awarded for some town planning categories, althou right now I can’t find the right links. It’s not unusual to see visitors in summer examining the streets, parks and public areas around here. Very family friendly, including a dogs only beach 🙂 Perry has a good summer coming up!


    1. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment! It’s a great place to live, the cute dog just keeps getting cuter (is that even a word) in my eyes 🙂


    1. Thanks Jules! According to the calender, this week. According to the weather forecast… that’s a big unknown! -9 right now, and the rest of the week is the same and more snow to boot 🙂


    1. You should see it today! I’m going to come back in spring (our proper spring that is, when it all gets green’n’leafy) and try to recapture the shots… you’ll be amazed at the difference.


    1. Thank you! This is the third year in a row when we’ve ‘suffered’ through a proper winter. Plenty of snow and plenty of freezing weather helps 🙂 How is a Niagara winter? Do you have the same year on year or are some years milder than others?


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