A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Hat


Lately my life has been, to say the least, hectic. I did an exercise tracking my time usage which was enlightening in more ways than one 😉 Large chunks of time went on moving myself from A to B to C …

A passing conversation with a former colleague cemented the conclusion that I’m wearing far too many hats at the moment…

Then this challenge popped to the in-box. I love hats and have a nice collection to cover all seasons, although not necessarily all events ;)The archives highlighted my reluctance to be captured on film… There was a distinct lack of Heather pictures, let alone Heather with a hat!

Self portraiture is not something I’m comfortable with, I put on my brave face, took a picture and added some “hats” I’m wearing at the moment!


8 thoughts on “A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Hat

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  1. One did you do that picture. That is cool, I’d love to do one similar. I am just no good at techy things like that. And yes, many hats. Do you need to learn to say No more??


    1. Still learning on the “NO” 🙂
      The technical part was a bit techy, an app called wordfoto. It came with a few presets and the option to add your own. Limited to 10 words though… I have a heap more hats I could have added 😉 the best and most geeky bit was changing the mix of words. Every time I hit the words button it mixed them up again 🙂


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