Let’s get postal!

Note, I DID NOT say “let’s go postal”. I have a long and satisfying relationship with all things postal and philatelic 🙂

I miss getting mail, especially hand written notes and postcards. My bills arrive as a PDF attached to email or worse: direct to the bank in some electronic form that only sender and bank can properly decipher. Truth be told, it is a good system, just sometimes you need the real thing in your hands!

I’m going to ask a big favour of you here and share a little project with you that involves putting pen to postcard and popping it in the mail! You can read the original post here by jenbeads.

To summarise: Kelly who runs the local post office, has a wall that has the beginnings of a postcard collection. Now she wants the collection to grow! So if you’re heading off on holiday or you have a spare postcard hanging around, drop Kelly a line so she can fill the wall with cards from around the world! Here is her address:

Kelly E
C/- Woodbridge Post Office
Woodbridge, Tas, 7162

Pretty simple! Feel free to repost / reblog / share as you see fit! Let’s see how quickly we can fill the wall and from how many different corners of the world!

18 thoughts on “Let’s get postal!

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  1. How odd and cool is this, happened to find your blog googling for Finnish food blogs written in English, ended up here, and got to read about Kelly, the first and so far only post office lady I know by name, that I got to know here in Tassie workingholidaying for the 8th month and counting.. Kelly is fab!


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