Not in the Christmas spirit yet.

13 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: 15.12.2012

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    1. I definitely like that idea Gerry! Just imagine how nice it would be to do Christmas shopping in January (after the sales) and there is no one around 🙂


  1. Not in the christmas spirit ‘YET’ you say so I’m pleased to see you are still being optimistic you might come round to the idea. If you need a distraction you could down-load a free a copy of a book I’ve written. It’s available until the 21/12/12. No hard sell but if you could let me know what you think, even if you don’t get further than the front cover it would be much appreciated. Thanks. Finland is on my list of places to visit one day – it looks beautiful.


    1. True, there is still hope Jayne. Thanks for the link… I’ll have a squiz and pass my thoughts on! Finland is beautiful – even when we are under snow and the mercury dips well below zero 🙂 Look me up when you get here!


  2. Is Christmas in Finland something that we would recognize, here in the West? Are you up to your knees in snow? This last weekend,I started thinking like you, then went mad, wrote and post cards, bought gifts, put exteriror lights up, and a little touch of stuff inside. It’s remarkabale what that plus the thougt of time off work will do for your Chrsitmas Spirit.


    1. More snow than we know what to do with! Yes, you would definitely recognise the season 🙂 I’m working up to it… I think by the end of the week my spirit will be as Christmassy as it will ever be. Thanks for your kind comments.


    1. That’s one way to look at it Judith 🙂 As I commented earlier, it’s getting there… I’m turned off by the whole commercial side and the older I get the grumpier I get about it! When it comes to Christmas, I’m in danger of being the grumpy old lady that humphs about everything … small and intimate would suit me just fine!


  3. Bummer … two things for you … A reminder of my Christmas party on the 24th (for your friends here as well) … and some cheer for you to hold you over.


    1. I’ve just spent the day baking Christmas goodies for my work colleagues and I do believe that finally I’m got 🙂 this is lovely too thanks for the share!

      Ooh, another party. Many thanks for the invite! The 24th is our Christmas Day, so I might be a little late to the party – I’ll be there at some stage 😉


      1. Stop by in your morning as it will be underway! … or on the 25th as it will still be going. …. Yum … Finnish baked goods sound wonderful!


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