Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

This week the challenge is to publish one picture that best represents the changing season. Winter has arrived very nicely in Helsinki; 24 hours plus of snow fall, combined with freezing temperatures and driving winds and there is plenty of snow cover. I’ve missed the opportunity to capture the transition from Autumn to Winter in that respect.

Water and boats are two major parts of our lives… until winter. We’ve already put the Platypus into winter storage. These guys don’t have that problem!

09:44 – carving a path through the ice
(Olympus tough)

Later in the week I was walking the dog and visiting the harbour where our boat is moored for summer:

15:30 – an empty harbour
(Olympus tough)

Not even a boat left in the ice for winter…. instead they are all here. I would loved to have been able to capture the sounds: flapping canvas, the weight you can see in the forefront bumping and creaking, the wind whistling through the yard. Instead here are some hulking hulls shrouded in their clumsy winter coats!

15:15 – winter storage
(Olympus tough)

Taking snow pictures is so difficult. These were the ‘best’ of a very average bunch. Even using the ‘snow mode’ of the camera was not very much help. In the end I turned the flash off and used the natural light being reflected off the snow. These latter two were taken quite late in the afternoon, and it was already starting to be dark.

What will our next challenge be?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

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  1. That challenge would be a bit hard here in Tassie, where we often have 4 seasons in one day, certainly every week, just like this week. But I love the photos, one day I’ll get to see that much snow. (sigh)


    1. We have those sort of days too! Especially early spring and late summer … once the season is in full swing though it’s a whole different story. Let’s plan for New Year in Helsinki 2014-2015 (or head to New Zealand’s south island for a winter holiday!) 🙂

      (On a side note, after a while this much snow is not anything to get excited about – ask Mr. 13 after doing his ‘snow work’!!!)


    1. Yep, we know how to do snow here! If it’s a “decent” winter there’ll be no sign of grass or land until March or April 🙂


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