Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

When I saw the title for this weeks’ challenge I mentally groaned to myself, oh no… I have a girlfriend who is a gifted taker of reflection based shot and like the author of our challenge post can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Not in my league at all.

I’ve found using water to capture reflections incredibly difficult, although you may disagree if you look at my current header picture. Days when the sea is dead calm and reflect like a mirror are few and far between in my neck of the woods!

Hanko Sushi Herttoniemi
Lunch price reflecting the snow-filled street (iPhone 4)

So during the week I thought about reflections and found a couple of promising shots. Although in the shot above the reflection dominates the actual lunch poster, sort of making the shot redundant. The shot below I took after a few days of below zero weather. This small harbour has frozen and fortunately didn’t have snow cover at the time. I liked the way that the ice elongates the reflection of the street lights.

Ice has arrived (iPhone 4)

I’ve saved the best for last (as you do!). Last winter we were lucky enough to join part of the delivery voyage for Disney Fantasy (Emshaven to NYC). I took this upon arrival, we’d just cleared immigration and were waiting for a taxi.

Disney Fantasy captures NYC for the first time (Olympus Tough)

Even though this shot is a little old, it proved to me that with a little time, and moving around those elusive shots will happen. I was really impressed that I could get both the city and the ship into the same picture.

Eagerly awaiting the next challenge!!!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

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  1. All three are great!
    I wonder if you could find a juxtaposition shot – like a travel agent with a tropical picture against a snow-reflection.

    That last picture completely blew me away!


    1. I like your thinking! I need to start having the camera with me (charged!) all the time…

      Last time we were in NYC in February we didn’t get one sunny – not sure it this time it was a fluke or not – either way it set the scene for a great reflection.


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