Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I’m thankful for the wonderful people who visit my blog and return, again and again and again! You make it all worthwhile. THANK YOU!

Now to why I am participating in this particular challenge. Well, I need to stretch my photography talents! To date, the majority of the photos that appear on my blogs have been taken with my phone or the tough little ‘point and shoot’ that loiters in the bottom of my bag. They are not always the most clear, and often fail to get the big picture across (pun fully intended!).

So while I ponder the many different models and brands of cameras out there, I’ll start trying to get in the frame of mind required to take better pictures and follow The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge. No time like the present to get started…

PS: I hope screenshots count as photos…

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

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    1. I’m just wondering if I’ve been a good girl this year and make Santa’s list … or if I have to save my pennies a little longer! Anyway, nothing like stretching the brain in a new direction!


  1. i totally agree, thankful for blogmates, blogpals, blogfriends or whatever it’s called!:) I didn’t know blogging can really be fun 😉


  2. I love your ‘about’ blurb. What a transition you must have had. I was in Helsinki a few years ago. I remember the church made of rock, and a very nice open air history museum just outside of town. The winters would be difficult, but a lot of people wouldn’t like Seattle, with all its rain, and I love it. Warm wishes!


    1. Thank you! It’s certainly been an interesting journey. Winters don’t shock me any more… the first few was a different story. I visited the rock church when I first arrived, I think I’m due to visit it again 🙂 and Seurasaari is the open air museum and a really lovely place. They have a ‘Christmas Path’ every year which we visited when Mr. 13 was younger. Seattle is on my ‘must-get-to-one-day’ list. The Engineer was there last year and raved about it… One day, one day I will get there.


  3. I hope you do get to Seattle one day. It is a beautiful city. I grew up in Detroit, and first came here on a family trip when I was Ms. 13. I knew right away that this was home for me, and told my mom that I was coming back to live here when I grew up!

    So nice to meet you!


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