Where is Venus?

I’ve started to write this at 06:53, standing at the bus stop waiting for the # 59. The sky to the east is lightening, although it will be a good 45 minutes before it’s light enough to read by.

I thought I saw Venus. Turns out it was an incoming flight to Helsinki ;). It got me thinking though: as a child, growing up in Flowerpot, Venus was a familiar site in the early morning sky.

Living in the country there was no light pollution to hide the night sky, and let me tell you the Milky Way is something else to behold. Shooting stars, satellites, Aurora Australis: we saw it all.

I miss it. While I live in a quiet part of town, it’s still bright out there and it’s not often I get to see the stars anymore.

Which brings me back to my original question: where is Venus?

4 thoughts on “Where is Venus?

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    1. Also, not sure if you have a smart phone, but there is a Google Sky Map app for Android. turn the GPS on, activate the app, and as you move the phone across the sky, it will show you what you’re looking at. I think there’s an option to show planets…


    1. It would be nice to have clear skies in the morning to be able to see ANYTHING 🙂 lately we’ve had plenty of cloud cover …


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