Ajatellen suomi. Luen suomi. Puhun suomi.


Translated it means (I) Think Finnish, (I) Read Finnish, (I) Speak Finnish.

This week I let myself down by not speaking Finnish. It was a small group presentation to the rest of the class. We’d been planning everything in Finnish, so it wasn’t that I didn’t know what we were talking about. I had merely presumed that the two ‘leaders’ or dominant personalities would be doing the speaking. So when the paper was thrust in my direction for the third and final part, I panicked. Promptly shoved it back to the first person. Everybody laughed and the presentation went on.

Immediately I passed the paper back I thought to myself ‘what are you doing?’ My only issue was that I hadn’t had time to practice in my head what or how I would say it. It was also the first time speaking FINNISH to an audience.

Thursday afternoon we had a ‘chat session’, (online messaging other class members and our main lecturer) and I mentioned my ‘moka‘*. The teacher immediately said that it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, as long as the meaning of my message gets through. She went on to say many Finns aren’t exactly perfect when they get up to speak 😉

Promise made to self: next time I just run with it. As with public speaking in English, it can only get easier with practice.

* Mistake

8 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday 29.9.2012

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  1. Gotta have a little chuckle at that. You went with your first instinct before the half second was up to think you could or should do it. I’m sure the next time will be easier 🙂


    1. I need to ‘turn off’ that part of the brain that listens to myself and notices all the little mis-pronunciations etc… My Finnish always sounds strange to me! Not just me either… I was asked if I was from Estonia the other day. That was a first 🙂


    1. Thanks MJ, it took many years to be okay speaking English up-front and centre, I really hope it doesn’t take that long to get comfortable with the Finnish 🙂


    1. Thanks for popping by and commenting. Yes, my Finnish is definitely a work in progress! It feels like I’m slowing transitioning to the the next level. Not having any linguistical ability has meant extra effort, slowly it’s paying off 🙂


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