My greatest achievement (!?)

Remember my six word Saturday from last week? It all came about after a long Skype™ chat with one of my valued supporters, M.

Earlier in the year we had attended an entrepreneurs workshop together (M was one of the speakers), and the final speaker had a long list of contacts, mailing lists to sign up for, free events for start-ups, hints on grants etc. A real grab-bag of info. When I got home that night I signed up for a couple of newsletters and then continued on my merry way.

Fast forward to our Skype™ chat and M mentions one newsletter (that I hadn’t signed up for) and the upcoming Arctic15 event.


Arctic 15 were looking for volunteers to assist in the running of the show, in particular, and I paraphrase here, seeking outgoing, English-speaking communicators who are excited about start-ups. Hmm, I speak English, I’m a start-up and somewhat outgoing. So far, so good. The job would entail guest registration, assisting here there and everywhere, mic running and prepping the speakers. I’ve checked enough guests into hotels in my time, assistance could well be my middle name and prepping speakers could not be any more difficult than getting wiggly toddler dressed and ready to go. So I figure, I’m a good candidate for one of the 10 or 15 free volunteer slots.

Then came the hard bit, completing the application. Seems lately I’ve been selling myself or my family (more on that in the near future) quite a lot, and every application has had its own angle. This one had the best yet! After completing the normal name, DOB  and address came the request for me to nominate my greatest achievement! I will admit to snorting in amusement and then laughing in frustration not long after.

In the end this was my application:

Your guests will miss out if you don’t pick me. Read on to find out why…

My greatest achievement: there are so many it’s hard to pick one. It’s a toss-up between a) saying goodbye to working for the man and saying hello to entrepreneurship and working for myself;

b) competing in the Tour de Helsinki (140 kms in saddle) – first time wasn’t so good, I did finish just not inside the time. Subsequent Tours I’ve managed to come in under the time;

c) moving to Finland and learning enough of the language to pass the language test, gain citizenship and vote in my first presidential election or

d) motherhood (bit kitsch I know);

Born in Tasmania roughly 46 years ago, I studied hospitality; this career path took me not only to many different parts of Australia, also granted me the opportunity to ‘run away to sea’ and join a cruise line. Customer service is my thing 🙂 and I’m no stranger to long hours or hard work! In my spare time (?) I read, cook, cycle, boat and plan the next trip away.

Submit button was hit and then it was waiting time. Applications closed on Sunday and notification day was today. I checked my mail before I went into class today (15:30) and as there was no incoming message about Arctic15, I presumed my application had been unsuccessful. I know I shouldn’t play with my phone during class; my excuse – The Engineer is away this week and it was about the time he normally sends a message.

I could have waited, except our lecturer was fluffing around looking for a file, so I took just a little peek. There it was, arrived at 15:50, the thanks for applying, you’ve got the ‘job’, please confirm you’ll take the position and see you in October e-mail. One can not simply jump for joy in the middle of a lecture! The best I could do was quickly dash a message off to M to say thanks. Confirmation mail has been sent off and I’ve started on my ‘people  have to meet list’.

Can’t wait 😎

11 thoughts on “My greatest achievement (!?)

Add yours

    1. I should also be saying thank you to you & Mum. After all you’re both a big part of how I got to be who am (and thus where I am) today 🙂


  1. Woohoo. Well done, have fun and of course we all known you’ll do a fab job. The simplest and most straightforward of applications are the best. 🙂


    1. Thank you Alex. I tend to be a little eager to volunteer, so I guess it’s not such a big surprise to put my hand up for this 🙂


  2. Once again, your go-to-it-iveness is as impressive as always!
    Congratulation, and way to go!!!

    (By the way,when selling your family, make sure you get at least fair market value with an uptick for Mr. 13s potential!)


    1. Good point, I think the most recent case (still to be announced to the world) Mr. 13 was maybe a decider in the whole thing 🙂

      You’ll just have to wait to find out (not long though!)


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