Project work, your opinion of Finland!

School has been in for a few weeks now, and the assignments are building up! One project requires some on-line research, so I’ve posted a little question over at Heather’s Helsinki – What does Finland mean to you?

Feel free to follow the link and answer the question – or of course add your comments below! There are no wrong answers, anything goes.

It’s my humble opinion that every blog post should have either music or some eye candy and as the only music I think of is Monty Python’s Finland, I thought I’d throw some random pictures your way:

Look-out! A moose doubling as a viewing spot 😉
Maritime Museum in Kotka (the photo DOES not do it justice)
Beautiful colours
Fearless seagull (he’s a teenager, what do you expect?!)

I've said my bit! Now it's your turn :) Go on, have your say.

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