Six Word Saturday: 1.9.2012

Study habits have become habitual studies.


Earlier I wrote about my hesitance over returning to school, and how at the end of the day there was nothing to be concerned about. Well somewhere in those three weeks a little spark turned into a flicker, which has now getting a little out of hand and is threatening to erupt into a full on forest fire of desire (to study).

Rest assured, it’s a good thing! Towards the end of this first course I lodged an application for a new course. Different material, different language and different course outline. Monday just gone I had an interview, and while they were impressed with my enthusiasm and passion there were some issues about my industry contacts and exposure in Finland. All valid points. Hence when the thanks, no thanks try again next year letter came I wasn’t so surprised. Disappointed yes, not surprised. Then I read the next paragraph and nearly fell down, they considered me worthy for another course. The catch: well the class had started earlier in the week and I would need to act immediately to secure my spot.

One of the course’s pre-conditions was an existing employment situation within the travel industry. So I tried to no avail to call and clarify if my business set-up would eliminate me from eligibility. I sent a mail asking the question, and at the same time assuring them that if my work situation passed muster, then please save me a spot! A nerve-wracking 24 hours later confirmation arrived! Yes, my work situation sits very nicely with the course and yes, you have a spot. Please show up next Monday morning at 0930 and all will be revealed πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: 1.9.2012

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  1. Wonderful! I remember going back to school as an adult and I remember how much more rewarding I found it compared to the first time around.
    Glad you’re enjoying it and taking advantage of it too!


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