THE list should say ‘will do’.

6 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: 26.5.2012

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    1. Actually I’d like to do away with the list altogether! Changing from ‘to’ do to ‘will’ do has given me an odd sense of freedom. Now I don’t feel sooo bad that things stay on the list for days at a time … speaking of which now I have a birthday party to get on the road. That *has* to be done today otherwise Mr. 12 will never talk to me again …


        1. too early for the congratulations, thank you anyway! 2 weeks and one day until the official title change! Schools out when the real birthday is and history has shown that there are far less mates around in the holidays … so we have the school friends party early. We have a great program planned … it will feature as a post one day soon…


    1. No… the list is a never ending work in progress. We did however have a great birthday party 🙂


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