Yet another blog…

My blogging career has taken an interesting turn. The time has come for me to transfer my allegiances from the Taswegian’s life to the Taswegian’s need to earn cold hard cash (and pay some bills at the end of the month).

I have to say a very big thank you to one of my biggest fans M, from the real world as opposed to the WP world (which is pretty good in its own right!). Oops, sidetracked again. M and I met under the clock* this morning and headed in the direction of her afternoon appointment. Our first port of call was not yet open so we wandered a little further and found ourselves on the Bulevardi. We took coffee from the Helsinki institution that is known as Café Ekberg. The topic of my blogging and writing came up and M wasted no time in convincing me that my talents should be redirected to more useful end.

I happen to agree with that analysis 100% (or more!) and feel that these past few months have let me find my “voice”. At least on this blog it’s been really easy. The other two that I have on the go feel a little stilted to me. I’m not sure if it’s because the topics are more  serious or that all my energy is poured out here and so the others remain undernourished and a little neglected.

Never fear, loyal and faithful followers, I will be posting here occasionally and it’s quite possible that those posts will become multi-topical (is that a new word?). So, without further ado let me present Heather’s Helsinki. Please visit and follow and of course comment!

The absolute best thing about blogging has been the comments that total (well almost total) strangers write on my posts. You’re not strangers any more 🙂

So now my blogging sights are set towards my customers. The first post is up along with a retitled ABOUT page. Coming soon will be more posts, surveys and lots and lots of Helsinki information.

Of course there needs to be the tune of the day and what better than Egotrippi’s Matkustaja. It’s quite possible I’ve shared this before. I’ve just realised that I have no record of the music I’ve shared, and I hate repeating myself. (Unless of course it’s a really really really good song!) See you around (like a record!)…

* Stockmann‘s main entrance is characterised by a clock.


6 thoughts on “Yet another blog…

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  1. Hah – you’re going to fill up my whole reader, you blogging fool, you!
    Rock on, Heather! Looking forward to hearing stories of your successes!


    1. 😉 I think the load on your reader will be less … for a short while anyway.

      I see you’ve already commented over there… best I go and release your thoughts!


    1. Thanks Judith. This one I’m going to work on a little before I start posting regularly. When I started this blogging business I had no idea it could be so serious!


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