Caught at the right moment


There has been an abundance of birch pollen this spring. Our balcony has a fine layer of pale yellow covering everything, including this new arrival. Looking upwards it’s almost invisible, only when I stood up and looked down into the neighbour’s lawn did I spot the web.


7 thoughts on “Caught at the right moment

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    1. Ouch. Allergies to pollen don’t get me, I think that puts me in the minority. (I only know it’s birch because everybody is talking about it ALL the time 😉 )


            1. Now you’re talking cr@p! Mine I can avoid, yours: it’s out there ALL the time. Up your nose, in your ears, on my balcony… Keep your sympathies, you need then more than me 😉 (I just have watch out for those pesky salads in buffets that are smothered in mayo and you can never be quite sure what’s in them!)


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