A gift for the hostess

Today I had my date with neighbour K to practice our respective languages. Last night she sent a text message asking if we could change our plans a little and meet at her place for coffee.

Tea caddy filled with Geisha chocolates

Here it’s considered extremely impolite not to take some sort of thank you gift for the hostess, especially the first time. I had this tea caddy sitting high in the cupboard  gathering dust (too small for our purpose) and the chocolates came from the box our dinner guests delivered last weekend.

We chatted all sorts of stuff and agreed to meet again when she returns to Helsinki in the autumn. She and her husband plan on moving to the summer cottage next week and there they will stay until summer is over…


2 thoughts on “A gift for the hostess

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  1. That’s a very nice tradition.
    Hope she doesn’t read your blog to find out it was regifted!
    So were you both speaking different lanuages?


    1. I’d be very surprised if she got this far. You never know though!

      I was speaking Finnish and she was speaking English. It actually went very well.. would sound very funny to a casual listener though 😉


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