We are hunting lions!

The 2012 IIHF World Championships start today and continue until May 20th. I must confess I’m not a big ice hockey fan. Let’s take that one step further, I’m not a big sports fan! Anyway, I do feel it is a little wrong when I live in a country where I’m sure children can skate before they walk, as well as enjoying ice-skating as a school sport. Ice rinks pop up all over the country at the first hint of chilly weather and the fences don’t come down again until it is well and truly spring.

2011 was the year that Finland won the world cup after many years of being in so close. 2012 we get to host the world championships in conjunction with Sweden. Now because I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about ice hockey I’m going to direct you to the IIHF page and you can read all about the upcoming championships there.

One of the stars of last years team was a young man by the name of Mikael Granlund, believe it or not, I know his name without resorting to running Google search! He leapt to fame after ‘shooting’ this amazing goal. To make matters sweeter it was against Russia.

Fast forward to this years Championships.  Every time there is a major sporting even that both Finland and Australia are competing in I have this terrible conflict. Which country to I put my heart and soul behind? Formula 1 is the most difficult: on one hand we have the rugged Mark Webber representing Australia and then there is the taciturn, yet looking like a ‘little boy lost’ Kimi Räikkönen,  back flying the flag for Finland after dabbling in rally. Oh, the conflict!

It doesn’t appear that Australia is fielding a team in the championships this year, they lost to Romania. Due to the large amount of advertising everywhere in the last few weeks Lion-fever is building, even for this confirmed non-hockey fan. Here is this years championship logo and mascot, courtesy of Leijonat.fi.

If the bird seems familiar, it’s because you’ve been playing Angry Birds too much! Yes ‘HockeyBird’ has escaped from the Rovio nest. Here is some background information if you are interested.

On a final note, because I have to put in some music here is an advertisement being run by one of the local cable channels. High on patriotic fervour I would say!

Onnea Leijonat! Good luck Lions!

4 thoughts on “We are hunting lions!

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    1. He he! Half time and we are leading 1-0. Belarus are proving to be worthy opponents and The Engineer is quite amazed (understatement of the year) that I’m getting into this… let alone sitting and watching!


  1. Wow, that is one of the most amazing goals I’ve ever seen!

    In situations of team conflict, always take the team with the best shot of winning. hehe


    1. It’s still amazing to see! The commentator who is screaming Maali, Maali! (goal, goal!) retired after last year’s championship. Great way to go out.

      Luckily Finland and Australia tend NOT to be playing against each other very often. I’ll keep your advise in mind for the next time they go head to head!


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