Now it starts to feel like spring… finally

Today I’m introducing Robin and his Frontside Ollie. It’s an extremely popular Finnish song from earlier this year. Along with every young singer out there, Robin has his fair share of fans and critics. Here are the lyrics if you’re interested in deciphering exactly what he’s singing! I like the song and the sentiment a lot.

Unfortunately Mr. 12 is unable to get any ollies happening at the moment, much to his great displeasure. The local skate ramp still has snow and rubbish left over from winter and the majority of local paths are awaiting the street sweeper so remove a whole winter’s worth of anti-slip gravel.

My cycling is not fairing much better. The cycle paths are awaiting the same sweeping operation, although some of the busier routes have been cleared. Last night I rode from one side of the city to the other and maybe 5 kms of the 20 ridden were on clean easy to ride paths….the return was 95% on the metro. Book club plus a few wines meant that although the mind was keen, the body was just not up to it 🙂

Still the days grow ever longer, there is much less snow around and the sea is slowly opening up again. We’ve settled the date for our boat to be lowered back to the sea and if ever there was a sign of seasons’ change that has to be it!

2 thoughts on “Now it starts to feel like spring… finally

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  1. aha… the mind was keen but the body just not up to it… sounds like me after a few wines..
    The start of any season and the anticipation (boats going back in the water) is the best part.


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