Sunday lunch by the sea


The Engineer and I, along with our hosts K & M, enjoyed a lovely lunch of freshly caught* and smoked siika and sparkling white wine yesterday.

We joined our hosts at their mökki by the beach, and watched M get the smoker going. In the meantime The Engineer took up the axe and chipped a couple of wood chunks to lie under the fish. After a short while the chips were generating a very fragrant smoke. Then the fish went in, the lid was closed and we chatted a bit longer.

Our Mr. 12 and their Mr. 12 were running back and forth dressed in menacing looking outfits and waving their air-soft weapons about. Yes, spring is definitely in the air.

20 minutes or so later the fish was examined and declared ready to eat Sublime, melt in the mouth, delicate smokey flavour that didn’t overwhelm the fish. Yummy!

* M caught these three in his net Sunday morning.


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  1. That’s how I want to spend a weekend. Good food, good friends, beautiful weather. I really need to do that more often!
    Off to look up “siika”…


    1. oops, my bad. I should have put up a translation. Which reminds me that I should update my vocabulary page one of these days… more words coming up 🙂


  2. That sounds wonderful! I don’t know why I don’t do things like that — I ‘m right here on the left coast of the same major ocean — I may talk my friend with the smoker into trying this after he gets back from fishing tomorrow. 😎


    1. Any success yet Judith? It was the first time I’d tried fish so fresh from the smoker. Can’t wait for the next time!


  3. Have to forward a link to my wife’s computer. One of my favorite things to make for a meal. Best favorite is black tea-smoked salmon.


    1. That sounds very tempting. Our chips had juniper twigs and sugar in the mix also. It brought out an almost tar-like taste. For the next time I’m going to have to research the black tea method. Thank you!


      1. Folks don’t remember that Ming Tsai started his chef’s career here in Santa Fe. This was his signature dish while he was here.


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